From this web site, I want to wellcome you to my clinic, where I expect to offer you the counseling you are looking for.

During all my career (from 2001 till nowadays), I have been dedicated and specialized to Aesthetic Medicine, and from the very beginning, I have been passionate for face rejuvenetion treatment and aging prevention without surgery.

Together with my team, we work daily to give you an answer to your needs, always with our philosophy ahead; “Naturalness, security and personalized work”.

I consider it is very important that the treatments are adapted to each of us, always respecting our personal peculiarities, those features that make us unique and special. The days of stretched foreheads and unexpressive faces are left in the past. Today, we have to take advantage of our time progresses, and benefit from having in hand the possibility of delaying the aging and “embellish” it, keeping us cared, favoured, a little younger… but always fresh and NATURAL, and this is where the beauty of each woman is kept.

Safety in this field of medicine is another aspect I consider very important. Aesthetic Medicine is a growing field, and sometimes the professionals are overwhelmed with different products that are constantly offered by the laboratories, new protocoles, wonderful equipment offers, advertising on really revolutionary magazines… For that reason, my compromise is to be updated on all the advances, but on my daily medical practice I only use the best products, those who have been used with experience for years, and always having the necesary sanitary authorizations. Likewise, it is very important the use the best and safest technology, as well as my comitment and implication in my training, specialization, and constant dedication from my begginings until today.

For all this, we commit ourselves to offer totally natural, safe and excellent results.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Dra. Tania Betancor Hernández

Sanitary Clinic authorised by Dirección del Servicio Canario de Salud, number 2900