Nowadays, aesthetic medicine enables us get wonderful results that enhance the beauty of the woman, without the need of having surgery.

The first step for highlighting that beauty is getting a soft, hidrated and cared skin, an even skin colour with invisible pore and a bright complexion. But we can also improve the texture of our lips, attenuate the bar-code, reduce the horizontal wrinkles in our forehead, frown and crow´s feet, ease off the nasolabial folds that cross our face from nose to mouth, that give us a tired, older and fallen look when they get deeper. Or even we can stand out the cheeks in an almost imperceptible way, just like an strategic touch to get a lighting look without the need of make up.

Eyes and mouth (lips) are artworks in a womas´s face, and keeping them fresh, young and attractive are the key for a great result in our work of anti aging.

In the same way, the neck, low neckline and hands are equally susceptible for treatment with the anti aging techniques we have available. These are parts of our body that go along with us, and must be armonic and coherent with the rest of our image (look).

For all these purposes, we can count on the following therapeutical tools: