Botolinum Toxin (Botox)

Treatment with botolinum toxin is a real art itself, nothing mechanical or standarized, just the opposite. It is a treatment completely personalized for each patient. That old look of "scare" many famous actresses used to have (and that made a really bad publishing to the botox) was left in the past. Those faces used to show paralized, almost scared and expressionless looks, totally incoherent with their expressions. This is completely the opposite to the goal we aim to achieve nowadays, a relaxed look that gives us some serenity and calm.

Botolinum toxin consist of a purified protein (procedure made on a laboratory under the maximum sanitary quality controls), which, when injected directly on the muscle, relaxes that specific area for a significant period of time (aproximately 4 to 6 months). This way, our face rejuvenates, and our expression features and facial wrinkles become smoother in a natural way.

This effect produces a lowering on the skin movements. This skin is not dragged by the face muscles when shrinked, letting it rest during the time that the treatment lasts, and helping it to clearly attenuate the effects of tiredness (fatigue) on the face, so that this improvement remains in time, breaking the aging process.

Besides this effect due to the movement rest, the main indication for botolinum toxin is that of amending and removing the wrinkles on the upper third of the face: between eyebrows, crow´s feet around the eyes and the forehead cross lines.

In order to achieve the desired success it is essential for the treatment with botolinum toxin to be absolutely personalized. There are injection points and doses considered to be the most appropiate for each area. But experience and steady progress on this wonderful technique, let us make each sesion individual, and work fussing science and art. We pursue a natural result that insinuates with elegance and a harmonic balance in our expression, but not being obvious. I think this is what every single woman/man pursues.

The first session is always the most espectacular, but the least lasting on time. But with the following sessions, we get more natural and lasting results. It is then when the rejuveneting effects of Botox are clearly visible for more than half a year and up to eight months from the application. After this time, the treatment can be repeated. The result gets better and better, and the anti aging prevention is more effective, since the wrinkles don´t get to be marked.

The technique is easy, made on one single session, not lasting more than 20 minutes, and the results will appear within the next 3, 4 or 5 days, being optimum in 10 to 15 days, time when the balance expected and final result are acquired. After the injection, it is very important not to manipulate the treated area withing the next 4 to 6 hours, not to cause dissemination of the toxin to nearby muscles which don´t have to be affected by the relaxing effect.

Which is the appropiate age to begin with this treatment ?

It is recommended to begin with this treatment around the forties, or even before if there are already expression wrinkles. A clear example of it is the frown wrinkle many women (even younger than 40) have, either for the way they gesticulate, for the focusing gesture on the sort-sighted, or for photophobia, specially among women with light colour eyes. Treating this wrinkle as soon as possible will prevent the muscle involved in this gesture from dragging the skin to the point of making a scar on the wrinkle surface. Then this wrinkle will not completly dissapear if treated only with bololinum toxin.