Carboxitherapy is a technique consisiting on infusing gaseous CO2 through a very thin needle with therapeutical pourposes.

It is a medical procedure, very safe and minimally invasive, that improves the tissue perfusion and microcirculation (blood flow), oxigenating them this way. Through out these effects, there is a great recovery on skin tone and elasticity, besides stimulating the production of natural antioxidants and having a very significant lipolytic effect. Therefore, it is also a very efficient treatment against localized fat (jowl, waist fat and knees).

Due to its safety, easy practice and multiple benefits, Carboxitherapy has become a very important therapeutical too, both as single treatment and as adjuvant in other different pathologies.

We can benefit from Carbotherapy in the following:

  • Facial and body rejuvenation: Face, neek, low neck, hands… It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, as well as the blood flow on the area treated. The skin quality in those areas enhances, and it becomes smoother:
  • Localized adiposities: jowl, knees, …
  • Cellulitis: It helps to reduce both orange skin and volume, besides ameliorating the leg heaviness.

  • Dark Circles: It lightens the skin on this area, improving a lot the appearance of the dark circles as its improves the tone of that so thing skin, even helping to get a tightening effect on the eye lids.

  • Acne scars: Thanks to its stimulating effect on the collagen production and reorganization.