Dermic fillers with Hyaluronic Acid are one of the best options available for the treatment of wrinkles, folds and depressed areas in the face, when a loose of volume appears.

As time goes by, medium fat that volumes our face descends and changes our face shape. On the 20ies, this fat makes prominent our cheeks, giving our face a triangle geometry with the vertex on the chin and the basis in both sides of the cheeks. When we enter on the 30ies and 40ies, our face acquieres a more square formula, loosing strength in that cheek projection, and the fat descends on the naso-labial folds, making them more evident, as well as the corners on both sides of the mouth. This way, on the 50ies, our face has again the triangle geometry, but this time the vertex is on the forehead and the basis are on the facial ovalo, getting more and more flaccid.

The filling with hyaluronic acid of those dreppesed areas, folds and weaken areas is an excellent solution, since they break those signs and hydrate the skin tissue. In the same way, the fillers are a exquisite solution for lip treatment, either for raising the volume, limiting the contour, correcting the upper lip wrinkles o simply for a refreshing treatment, to show them more juicy without altering shape or volume.

Among the many qualities this product has, it is the fact that hyaluronic acid is a resorbable material, compatible with our organism, so it will not give any problem for rejecting or encapsulation. Another benefit for the patient is how quick and comfortable it is, being painless, having inmediate and visible effects from the very first moment.

We use last generation hyaluronic acids, from the best laboratories (Juvederm-Voluma line from Allergan Laboratory and Perlane-Restylane line from Galderma Laboratory), which offer us very evolutionated, malleable and fluid products, in order to get a natural result, and using different densities to offers specific results depending on the area to be treated.

The lasting of the treatment will depend on certain factors, like age, general health state and life style of the patient, and also placement, density and quantity of product used. For all that, we could expect it to last up to 18 months for products with a higher molecular weigth. In case side effects occur, they would be slight to moderate, and transitory (pain, sensibility, swelling, bruising…)

During my years of working and improvement, I have developed a technique that provides excellent results, due to its effectiveness and naturalness, when realizing a rejuvenating treatment with hyaluronic acid. This “strategic point” treatment consists of a general approach, not as selected as it used to be in the recent past. We tend to treat the “key” points which make us have a better look, but being hardly noticed. Our goal is to look better, but nobody asking if we have received a treatment… and in order to get this goal, working on these points with hyaluronic acid is the best choice without any doubt. Our goal will be to enhance light areas in our face: dark circles, cheeks and naso-labial folds… with little touches of this miracle gel we obtain a relaxed, rested, healthy and very becoming look.

It could be like a sculpture, and this is the magic this proffesion has. We mix health, arts, perfection and beauty. It deals with maximizing our best features, both in men and women, not even touchen unexpression or what may result artificial, becouse in that case we would get jus the opposite, and loosing naturalness, we loose beauty. No doubt.

This treatment is made in one single session, not lasting more than 20 minutes, barely painless, and it lets us go back inmediately to our routine without any sign. Besides, we work with last generation hyaluronic acids, from the best laboratories, which offer a lasting of over one year. This is an economically worth and off setting treatment.