Photorejuvenetion with IPL-AFT

Treatment for skin spots, little vains, pores and skin imperfections.

This treatment consist of appying Intense Pulse Light with AFT system, an advanced laser generation equally effective but more delicate for skin, discomfort wise while making the procedure, and as far as skin condition the following days.

We use it to get a more homogeneous look as long as colour and surface is concerned, since it mainly removes redness and little vains (vascular lesions) and also pigmented spots caused by sun over exposure.

While treating these two main indications, we equally get a very evident improvement on dilated pores and on typical lessions from moderate aging (thin wrinkles, incipient dryness…) on patients aged 30 to 50. The most interesting thing of this treatment is that we treat at the same time “damaged skin” and “healthy skin”: it removes lessions, and it also stimulates superficial collagen production on healthy skin (that helps dermis hydration and nutrition).

The final result is a spotless and rednessless skin, more hydrated and luminous. Definitely, a smoother, cleaner, more cared and younger skin.

This rejuvenation treatment is mainly made in face, neck, lowneck and hands, where the results are inmediate and evident. The procedure is easy, with minimum discomfort. The number of sessions depends on each patient, and on the aging degree and area to treat, but usually 4 to 6 sessions are requiered, and then a yearly maintenance session to keep the results obtained.

The days after the session, the spots that have been treated will get darker, almost black, for a few days. It is a very superficial burn, that will not look like a crust, but like tiny millimetric superficial scurfs, that will disappear by themselves in a week. . During this period, and for the next three weeks, it is very important to use sun block to the extrem. This is the reason why IPL – AFT is a treatment made only in autum-winter months, when sun light is lighter and easier to have under control.

I recommend this treatment to most of my patients, because while treating damaged and healthy skin, it will ALWAYS rejuvenate us in one way or another. The light coming back to our face, and its homogeneous texture, will rejuvenate even more than anti wrinkle treatment.