Hair Loss

In case of hair loss susceptible to non hormon treatments, caused by several reasosn like stress, diets, bad food habits or even post pregnancy, we use a protocol combining PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) with mesotherapy of vitamines essential for hair growth, and carboxitherapy.

Even though PRP has been mainly used in face cosmetics for skin rejuvenation, recently it is becoming a revolution as long as hair health is concerned, and also as a preventive treatment for hair loss.

It has been observed a notorious clinic response on patients treated with this technique, since the PRP principles together with the revitalization of the polivitamin mesotherapy have contributed to an improvement on the hair physiology. The reason for this is that platelets are body cells that have a higher percentage of growing factors, and when injected on any body tissue, in a natural way, they begin the process of regenerating the same tissue.

This way, the use of platelet rich plasma contributes to hair growing and stimulation. Sessions are carried out depending on each analyzed case, and consisting on the application of PRP microinjections on the scalp, this PRP from the patient´s blood. The plasma goes directly to the hair follicle, hence contributing to hair regeneration.