Hand Rejuvenation

We usually worry a lot about skin care, but we forget to take care of our hands.

Hand Photoaging happens as fast as face photoaging, and triggers the formation of sun spots, thin wrinkles, skin dryness and skin thinness, that shows the veins, bone volume and tendons, and presenting hands with a look not coherent with the youth look that the face may show.

For hand treatment and texture, colour and smoothness improvement, we combine variours treatments, like peelings and IPL to work the surface of the hand (spots, roughness…) and mesotherapy and hyaluronic acid fillers so give hydration, softness and a filler that recovers the hand bossage and blurs the vein transparency.

It has to be considered that the hand skin is very thin and fragile, and it is many times exposed to agresive agents (soaps, gloves…) so after the hand rejuvention treatment, it is very important to ensure daily hydration, and sun protection, which will be your best ally not to loose the aesthetic health of your hands.