Laser hair removal

Nowadays, hair removal with exposure to pulses of light sources, laser or IPL, is wide spread, and it is a very common hair removal method used both for men and women.

There are many equipments able to remove hair, but it is important to choose the effective and safe one.

In our clinic we work with Alejandrita Laser, which is a highly effective medical laser, that offers the warranty of using controlled energy, being selective and safe in order to guarantee the hair destruction without hurting the skin and surrounding tissues.

The best results are obtained with dark coarse hair, because the light bulls eye is the pigment, and the more pigment the hair has, the higher amount of light it will capture, and the effectivity will be higher. Legs, bikini line, pubic area and under arms are the areas on the women body where the hair is more coarse, so the laser removal will be more effective and less sessions will be needed (3 to 6).

As far as face is concerned, the situation is a bit different, because in this area hair has a different coarse and colour compared to body hair (usually thinner and lighter), and there are cases with hormonal changes that have a negative influence in the treatment. The effectiveness of the treatment will be the same, but more sessions will be requiered,because the hormonal fact can make new hair grow.

In this case, it is very important to have a hormonal test control and a medical following to get the maximum effectivity.