Mini Threads

Known as Tensile threads or MAGIC LIFT, this magic threads produce a lifting effect without surgery, without artificial changes or complicated procedures.

Without any doubt, it is a revolucionary procedure, that has nothing to do with the anchor wires used years ago, that needed stitches, leaving faces with changed expressions.

In this case, the application in non invasive, painless, easy, and causes no allergies. It is as simple as a mesotherapy, or even better, since it needs less punctures. It simply requieres a deep doctor's knowledge on the patient´s particular physiognomy in order to deposit the threads in the appropiate concentration and alignment for each area. The threads are introduced by a very thin needle in the celular subcutaneous tissue, and they remain there, leaving no traces, swellings, redness, scars... nothing at all.

Once placed at the appropiate skin level, these threads begin to stimulate a skin redensification. The threads are made out of polidioxanona, which is a resorbable material that works stimulating collagen formation around it. This way, the skin density increases, and also its tension (lifting effect). The threads produce a rejuvenation process from the inside, in a progressive and natural way, because it is our own collagen that is helping us to rejuvenate, and the one that is going to produce a network that will tense our skin. Its extrem naturalness makes it recommended from 35 years old, to help flaccidity prevention from the very beginning.

Revolucionary for their safety, effectivity and naturalness, this treatment shows maximum result in three months, and give us a brighther, more resilient and more volume skin. In brief, younger and more natural.