Neck and Low neck Treatment

Neck and low neck are the great forgotten ones in our daily care, until one day we realise that they have aged, and in a very disproportionate way compared with the rest of the face. Both neck and low neck have a very thin skin, little subcutaneous tissue, and for this reason they are very fragile and susceptible to downfall in case of neck, and susceptible to easy wrinkle in case of low neck (typical wrinkles from side sleeping)

Besides, low neck receives sheer sunbeams, so it presents many times a photoaged look that may reveal our age or even make us look older than we are. Until recently, there were no many effective therapeutical alternatives for treating these very delicate areas. But nowadays, we count on specific hyaluronic acid infiltrations with manitol, for a special hydration with specifically designed substances for the skin in these areas, improving the skin quality and preventing skin damage.

Low neck skin also benefits specially of treatments with IPL - AFT (Intense Pulse Light), which unifies skin tone, redensifies skin, and deletes those unsightly red Little veins produced by sun damage.

Now it is posible to make face, neck and low neck look rejuvenated in a natural way, with a healthier look.