The use of chemical peelings is esential for the photo aging treatment, but we also use them for other aesthetic problems, like acne, some face spots (uneven pigmentation), devitalized, mat and tired skins in order to give them a more lighting, smooth and homogeneous look.

Chemical peelings cause an exfoliation of the skin superficial layers, helping us to remove the dead cells in those layers, as we provoke a stimulation on the deeper layers for renewing and forming dermic components that tend to decrease as time goes by: collagen and elastin.

Depending on the focus problem and the skin type of each patient, we will work with deeper or more superficial peelins. In general, more superficial peelings are used for improving the brightness and skin tone. And deeper peelings are used to reduce scars, accentuated spots and wrinkles.

The procedure is very easy, painless and quick. It consists of applying a particular substance (mainly based on acids like glycolic, salycilic, kojic, mandelic and pyruvic, among the most common ones) in the skin at a topic level. The type of acid used and the exposure time will depend on each particular case.

As a practical advice, it is very important to prepare the skin in advance 15 days before the first peeling with the specific cosmetic treatment recommended by the doctor. And after the treatment, it is equally important the use of photoprotection (sun blocks) and dermocosmetic repairing moisturizing formulas (creams) in order to maximize the results we are pursuing. Chemical peelings free the skin from old compact cells of the epidermis superficial layers, the ones that don´t let our skin breath and avoid the penetration of cosmetics, no matter how good they are.

In case of doubt, Dra Betancor will give you all the clarification needed.