Periorbiltal Dark Circles

From 35 on, a high number of women are affected by this problem.

As time goes by, fat underneath the orbital muscle descends for several reasons, among them the fact that the natural ligament supporting it, loses strength and weakens (orbitomalar ligament). To this loose of fat and weakness in supporting we have to add that the skin in this area gets thinner, and then it shows a marked hollow, the periorbital dark circle. At the beginning, it is visible on the eye internal angle, and later it spreads through the eye contour, giving a sad, tired and worried look.

By correcting it, we mean to rejuvenate the look, and delete that impression of fatigue. The results are immediately visible after the injection.

In order to rejuvenate the dark circle area, we use a new hyaluronic acid gel, Redensity II, specially designed to treat this so delicate area, and improve it in a natural and lasting way.

It contains a sophisticated and synergic formula combining hyaluronic acid (specific for this so delicate area) with a set of amino acids, mineral antioxidants and vitamins (all of them related with the collagen synthesis), that will help us to improve the skin quality. With this revolutionary product, we get a great and lasting aesthetic result, that we could not obtain with the previous hyaluronic acids. The periorbital dark circle area is difficult to treat, since it requires a wide anatomic knowledge on the area, and a great technique.

It can be applied on any skin tipe, and in patients presenting dark circles, as long as they are not very much pigmented, or with wide malar or eyelid bags. In such cases, Redensity II offers mínimum improvement, and the best treatment would be surgery.