Platelet Rich Plasma

The treatment known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the best treatment to reach the beauty through out naturalness, since nothing is more natural than our own cells to rejuvenate our skin.

For a few years, treatment with stem cells and PRP has been known by different procedures, like blood capture from umbilical cord, or regenerating therapy of collagen tissues as tendons, muscles and articular cartilage with PRP.

Recently, this interesting power as tissue regenerator has been extended to Aesthetic Medicine.

This procedure consists of using our own blood to get a concentration of platelets, which are full of cytokines (biologically active proteins) called Growth Factors. These growth factors have the capacity of acting on the main skin cells (fibroblasts), stimulating its proliferation and speed in producing collagen fibres. This way, and for the last few years, it has been shown that application of PRP with subcutaneous injection produces very positive changes in the aged skin, due to the following:

  • It restores its repairing capacity (which gets spoiled as years go by).
  • It produces new resilient and collagen fibres, this way increasing the skin elasticiy and thickness.
  • It also stimulates the syntesis of hyaluronic acid, main element holding water in skin, improving its brightness, softness and lightening.

How do we get the growth platelet factors from the platelet rich plasma?

The procedure consist of making a blood drawn from the patient, and spin-dry it for 5 minutes. This process is made with the maximum sterility and asepsis. After the spin-drying, a separation of plasma and blood occurs, and that plasma is the one we inject on the patient throughout mesotherapy (intradermal injections). There is no possibility of allergy or rejection, since it is a part of the patient´s blood (autologous blood). As a side effect, there is a risk of little hematoma, since this is a technique made by micropunctures.

This treatment is recomended from the 30ies, as soon as the skin beggins to loose part of its repairing potential, or when the aging signs are showing. This repairing potential is threatened by stress and specially by sun damage. Many studies value the skin regeneration capacity with this treatment, like the capacity it had 10 years before. For a patient aged 30, the treatment will give back the regeneration capacity she had when she was 20; for a patient aged 60, the regeneration capacity when she was 50, and so on. And this is made thanks to our own growth factors, stimulating fibroblasts (real youth fabrics).

The complete protocol consist of 3 session, with a distance of 5 weeks between each of them, and occassionaly helped by mesotherapy of combined vitamines and hyaluronic acid, specially in case of very photoaged skins. One single session after summer, in case of less damaged skins, can be enough for helping skin on it repairing process.