Radio Frequency

Third Generation multipolar Radio Frequency: ENDYMED RF 3 DEEP

We all get aged. Even if we eat healthy and exercise, as time goes by, our skin gets lax and looses the youth firmness and tone. Radio Frequency is the firming treatment par excellence, which can help us to recover that fresh look and youth.

Radio Frequency acts applying heat on deep layers, stimulating new collagen formation leading to a higher skin compaction. Therefore, there is a skin tensing and a decrease in the appearance of wrinkle.

Compared to previous ones, Endymed RF 3 Deep, third generation Radio Frequency, is specially indicated on body and face sagging, since the energy given acts in a focused, controlled and contained way on the areas we wish to treat. It works gradually heating tissues, and once the skin surface reaches 40ºC, there is a deep heating totally safe for the skin, since there are no sudden energy peaks as it used to happen with previous technology.

With this procedure we are treating face and body with excellent results. It can be used to treat lax skin anywhere, like face, neck, low neck, arms, abdomen, thighs... areas where new collagen production will cause a tensioning that will drive us to recover a firm skin. Another special feature of Endymed RF, besides its tensioning effect, is that thermic heating reaches the fat deposits, contracting the adypocites, and helps even more to body remodeling, providing a powerful anticellulitic effect in a non invasive, easy and confortable way for the patient.

Sessions are painless, and the patients usually describe them as a "warm massage". After each session, we can observe an even flattering slight redness, that will desappear in a few hours.