Fractional rejuvenation with Radiofrequency

This is the latest treatment incorporated into our clinic, something innovative for fusing fractional rejuvenation treatment for superficial layers with a physical peeling effect, with the radiofrequency rejuvenation effect on deep skin layers.

Fractional Rejuvenation helps to remove the most superficial skin layers, improving this way any kind of facial spots, open pores and little wrinkles (on cheeks and barcode). The final result would be like traditional resurfacing, but instead of one single session (with a complicated recovery for the patient, preventing him/her from continuing with normal life), this new technology divides that power in various sessions, so that after each of them, the patient can continue with normal life and activity. The only important consideration here, as always, is to take extrem care of sun exposure.

This is the best therapeutical tool to leave a homogeneous skin as long as texture adn colour is concern, while being an easy, quick and painless treatment that will provide long lasting immediate results.

Besides, Radiofrequency achieves a heating of deep dermis, where there is a higher concentration and production of collagen fibres, inducing so two effects:

  • Immediately, partial collagen denaturing.
  • Long term, new fibre syntesis.

It is very important to highlight that the energy provided by this equipment is TOTALLY CONTROLLED AND GUIDED. We are dealing with asthetic, but health is always ahead, and the quallity and excellence of the equipments used is essential when setting health before aethetic results.

At face level, Radiofrequency is the golden treatment for sagging (associated or not to mesotherapy, carboxitherapy and / or stem cell therapy).